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Life of Christ
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Life of Christ Course
This is a 13-week course on the life of Christ. Study the life of Christ in chronological order.

Each lesson includes the following:
Daily readings - Five short daily readings from the gospels.
Eyewitness - A brief description of a key eyewitness. Family, friends, and even enemies are included.
Did you know? - Fun archaeology and history facts from the lesson.

Lesson Index
The lessons are formatted to be more attractive when printed.
#1 - Origin, Genealogy & Birth of Jesus
#2 - John the Baptist prepares the way
#3 - Sermon on the Mount
#4 - Miracles and Seaside Parables
#5 - John dies. Jesus walks on water.
#6 - The Transfiguration
#7 - Growing opposition. Good Samaritan.
#8 - Warnings and Parables
#9 - Lazarus is Raised. Triumphal Entry.
#10 - Final week in Jerusalem
#11 - The Upper Room
#12 - Arrest and Trials of Jesus
#13 - Crucifixion and Resurrection

Additional resources
These lessons tie in nicely with our Harmony of the Gospels. Lesson numbers are included with the Adobe Acrobat version of the gospel harmony.
   Feel free to supplement the lessons with articles from this site. When teaching this course, I used articles from and other resources.

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