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Life of Christ
Life Summary
13-Week Course
Birth of Jesus
Explore the Gospels
Gospel Harmony
John the Baptist
Miracles of Jesus

History of Christ

Teachings of Christ

Life of Christ
This section presents events in the Life of Christ.

Life Summary - Snapshots in the life of Christ

13-Week Course - Study the complete life of Christ in 13 weeks. Perfect for Bible teachers. Print these lessons today.

Birth of Jesus - The original Christmas story.

Exploring the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John present the life of Christ. Discover the unique purpose of each gospel.

Genealogy of Jesus - An in-depth analysis of the family tree of Jesus.

Harmony of the Gospels - The life of Christ in approximate chronological order. An easy way to compare the gospels.

John the Baptist - The life of John the Baptist. Meet his disciples. Learn about the baptism of Jesus.

Miracles of Jesus - A list of the miracles of Jesus. Print this guide and keep it in your Bible.

Temptation of Christ - Jesus fasts for 40 days in the wilderness, and is then tempted by Satan 3 times.

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